Tree dedication marks memorial milestone at Kemptville funeral home

KEMPTVILLE, May 18, 2022 – A thriving oak tree will now serve as a daily testament to the living legacy planted by Hulse, Playfair and McGarry Funeral Services across the Rideau Valley.

Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation board chair Andrew Harkness gathered with HPM president Sharon McGarry, staff and supporters at the Kemptville chapel to dedicate a burr oak sapling in recognition of their 20-year partnership on Wednesday, May 18. 

Since 2001, the long-standing family business has worked with the Foundation to plant local, native seedlings in honour of each of the families they’ve served – hitting an incredible milestone of 30,000 trees in October 2021.

“Their generosity has reforested about 38 acres of local land to create new habitat, clean our air and water and capture carbon. This is all leading to healthier, happier communities, now and in the future,” Harkness said. “Thanks to Hulse, Playfair and McGarry, 30,000 native, locally grown seedlings were planted right here in the Rideau Valley, at no cost to the grieving families, to provide a living legacy of their loved ones.”

HPM president Sharon McGarry said the program brings comfort to those they serve.

“I think it’s very comforting for a family to know that there is something living on as a living memorial to their loved one,” McGarry said. “We’re so proud to partner with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation.”

The Foundation plants and tends combinations of white cedar, white pine, red oak and sugar maple with help from its partner the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA). 

These trees will live to 80 years or more, creating clean water, clean air, improved soil, wildlife habitat and huge amounts of peace and quiet as they grow.

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The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation is a registered environmental charity working to help protect and conserve the lands and waters of the valley of the Rideau River in Eastern Ontario. For more information visit

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