Land Donation

Land Donation

You can leave a legacy for nature.

Protecting the land you love . . . forever

Moving off the land you and the family enjoyed for so many years but don't want it to become a subdivision or shopping mall? There is another way …

The Conservation Foundation is also a land trust accepting gifts of land from families who wish their beloved cottage or rural farm property to remain in a natural state forever. On average, we accept one or two properties each year to add to the stock of future conservation lands in our valley.

Here’s How it Works:

If your family, or someone you know, is at the stage of divesting themselves of the responsibility and the workload of natural land in the Rideau Valley, we would love to give them the opportunity to have their special land remain the same just the way their family enjoyed it in perpetuity. It is possible and more and more people are considering it.

If they would call us in total confidence at 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 ext 1124, we would love to give you all the options about making an amazing legacy gift to the people of the Rideau Valley by donating your land for future conservation purposes. The Conservation Foundation pays all of the costs associated with the transfer of title…it would cost you nothing and give you several valuable things: real peace of mind about the future of your land, a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your land, the possibility of naming rights to the new public conservation area, as well as the satisfaction of offering a gift of lasting value to the next generations of residents of this beautiful valley of ours.

In this changing world we live in, one thing is certain…the gift of your land to the Conservation Foundation assures that the land you love would stay as a naturally beautiful and functioning part of the Rideau Valley ecosystem in perpetuity. Now, there’s a nice feeling….

Lands donated to the Conservation Foundation and held in public trust as future conservation areas.

With Sincere Thanks

On behalf of the people of the Rideau Valley, we sincerely thank all of the donor families who made these very thoughtful and generous gifts. Lands donated to the Conservation Foundation include:

  • Alexander Property (Ottawa) 
  • Beals Property (Montague)
  • Boucher Property (Becketts Landing) 
  • Brown Property (Richmond)
  • Bula Property (Long Lake)
  • Curtis Property (Rideau River, Ottawa)
  • DePencier Property (Montague)
  • Drolet Property (Rideau Lakes)
  • Fine Property (Richmond Fen)
  • Fournier Property (Merrickville)  
  • Haire Property (Tay Valley)
  • Harvey Property (Elizabethtown-Kitley)
  • Kaczkowski Property (North Grenville) 
  • Lanark County (Beckwith)
  • Lackner Property (Ottawa)
  • Manning & MacPherson (Montague)
  • McAlpine Island (Christie Lake)
  • McEwen Property (South Frontenac)
  • McKay Property (Jock River, Richmond)             
  • Medley-Roziland Island (Central Frontenac)
  • Meisel Woods Conservation Area (Central Frontenac)
  • Merrickville Estates (Merrickville-Wolford)
  • Ruiter Property (Ottawa) 
  • Rideau Trail Property (Ottawa) 
  • Sawmill Creek Property (Ottawa) 
  • Sister Island Property (Upper Rideau Lake) 
  • Struthers Property (Elizabethtown-Kitley)
  • Four Acre Island - Big Rideau (Rideau Lakes)
  • Weiss Property (Upper Rideau Lake)
  • Wiseman Property (Tay River)

We are a member of the Canadian Land Trust Alliance and adhere to the Standards and Practices set out in the LT documents. Guiding principles in our land donation program include integrity, perpetual responsibility, and excellence in public service and good governance.

Please contact us to discuss this program and explore the options and benefits of land donation. There is no obligation, and no one will contact you unless you request it.

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