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Thanks to the amazing support of several funding partners, the pond at Baxter Conservation Area was restored and ready for students this spring. Located at the Baxter Conservation Area, the Baxter ASL Pond is visited annually by over 5,000 students from kindergarten to university looking to learn about pond ecology.…
“It just seemed like the logical choice,” said Wally Kaczkowski as he pondered his decision to donate land to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation (RVCF).  “The donation benefited me and the community in many different ways.” In early 2017, Mr. Kaczkowski started to reflect on his ownership of a 1.55…
When Dr. Eva Furesz thought about what she would ultimately do with her summer island property, she knew one thing. She wanted it to stay as it is…a natural, refreshing, restorative place for people to visit and enjoy. She and her family enjoyed 30 years of peace and quiet on…
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