Local funeral home plants living legacy of 30,000 trees

OTTAWA, Oct. 7, 2021 – 

A thriving local forest serves as a living legacy for the many Rideau Valley families served by Hulse, Playfair & McGarry Funeral Homes over the past 20 years. 

Since 2001, the long-standing family business has worked with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation to plant local, native seedlings in honour of each of the families they’ve served. 

In 2021, the funeral home topped a total of 30,000 trees planted, reforesting an estimated 37.5 acres of local land to create new habitat, clean the air and water, capture carbon and contribute to vibrant, healthy communities. 

President Sharon McGarry said that in addition to environmental and community benefits, the memorial trees bring comfort to the families they have been honoured to serve.

“Memorialization is very important in the work we do,” McGarry said. “We felt it would be comforting for families to know that a seedling was being planted on their behalf representing new life where there was loss”.

The Foundation’s executive director Diane Downey said this partnership has been a mainstay of the memorial trees program over the past 20 years and continues to support a thriving watershed for all who live here. 

“We are grateful for their support and the example they set as community builders and leaders,” Downey said. 

Memorial trees have the unique ability to provide long-lasting peace for family and friends.

“At times of loss, the stability of living trees gives peace to the family,” Downey said. “These trees will give back to the community and the planet for 80 years or more.”

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