Modern Niagara tackles carbon footprint with major local land agreement

RIDEAU VALLEY, April 22, 2021 – Just in time for Earth Day, Rideau Valley residents can count on cleaner water, healthier shorelines and more climate-resilient communities thanks to a groundbreaking agreement between the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation (RVCF) and Modern Niagara.

The national mechanical, electrical, integrated building technology and building services corporation will provide $300,000 to the Foundation over five years to help acquire 375 more acres of local wetlands, shorelines and forests for perpetual protection.

This is the first deal of its kind for the RVCF and will provide it with much more flexibility to acquire sensitive natural areas across the watershed.

The agreement also kickstarts Modern Niagara’s journey to carbon neutrality by protecting lands that naturally absorb and store carbon dioxide. The company is working on other strategies to reduce its carbon footprint, as well. 

The land deal safeguards vital environmental services for nearby communities. 

“This agreement is a huge win for the watershed’s residents, who rely on robust wetland and forest cover to provide flood, drought and erosion control and to keep our air and water clean,” said Diane Downey, executive director of the RVCF. “Protecting pristine natural areas is our first and best defence against the impacts of climate change.”

The RVCF currently owns, manages or supports more than 6,765 acres of unique, healthy ecosystems across the Rideau Valley. But these lands cost money to acquire and maintain; surveys, appraisals, legal fees, property taxes and public safety measures are all expenses the Foundation accepts when it acquires a property. 

The Foundation’s Steve Simmering Conservation Lands Endowment Fund is used to cover these costs, with the principal invested year after year to create a steady flow of cash. But until this agreement, the endowment required more principal to offset all of the annual and acquisition costs.

Today, thanks to Modern Niagara, the Foundation won’t have to say no to future land donations. The agreement gives the Foundation the flexibility and financial security to accept new lands, by covering the many land transfer costs that can add up. 

“Modern Niagara is proud to preserve our most sensitive natural areas while also doing our part to slow the impacts of climate change,” said Erin Oliver, Modern Niagara’s VP of Health, Safety and Sustainability. “Green and sustainable technology is at the core of what we do, and you can’t find a greener technology than allowing nature to do its work.”

Oliver said the Modern Niagara team is thrilled to be protecting local lands that have a direct impact on the health and sustainability of their communities.

“We are so excited for this partnership and can’t wait to see what beautiful parcels of local land will be protected because of it,” Oliver said. 

Want to get on board?

The RVCF welcomes corporations and organizations of all sizes to become a local environmental champion like Modern Niagara and our other legacy partners by sponsoring a property, supporting local tree planting, helping to upgrade our nature trails, supporting outdoor education opportunities or through their own visionary idea. 

Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find a level and method of support that suits your vision while keeping our watershed clean and healthy for generations to come.

Contact Diane Downey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started. 


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