CIBC Wood Gundy – McCooeye Financial Group Goes Carbon Neutral

Ottawa and area, September 3, 2020 — CIBC Wood Gundy – McCooeye Financial Group is offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions. One hundred and sixty-seven vigorous, young, native Canadian trees will be planted to absorb the carbon dioxide generated by the company’s annual business operations.

CIBC Wood Gundy – McCooeye Financial Group is a dedicated team of professionals who provide holistic financial planning and wealth management. The four-member team made up of Mark McCooeye, Greg McLaren, Michael Smyth and Melissa Tucker strongly recognize their impact on the environment and look to contribute to the community where they live, work and play. 

“We are delighted to give back to the community we call home,” says Mark McCooeye, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager. “Planting trees locally to offset our emissions is a great way to do our part.”

The growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, taking greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere and locking it in the wood. The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation (RVCF), the local planting partner, has agreed to plant the 167 trees in the valley of the Rideau River during the Spring of 2021. Over their lifetime, these trees will absorb the 26 tonnes of carbon dioxide produced by the company’s office operations and travel. This represents a generous gift to the community since all these trees will go on providing this and other valuable environmental benefits to the Ottawa area for the next 80 years.

“Educating my kids about the impact we have on the environment at a young age is extremely important to me,” said Greg McLaren, Associate Investment Advisor and one of the four team members at the McCooeye Financial Group. “Going carbon neutral is a great way to lead by example and show your children that everyone can make a difference. By teaching the next generation about recycling, green bins, conservation and the importance of being carbon neutral we can help drive the positive change needed in the years to come.”

Each tree is a little environmental cleaning station that cleans the air, cleans the water, provides wildlife habitat and wood products, buffers noise and wind, provides beautiful landscapes and vistas, and lots of good old-fashioned peace and quiet for everyone to enjoy. 

“More and more businesses are recognizing how they can help build a more sustainable future for future generations,” says Jason Kelly, Chair of the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation. “We are delighted to welcome the CIBC Wood Gundy – McCooeye Financial Group team to our growing list of local businesses who are protecting our future by making socially-responsible changes to their business practices today.”

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