EverGreen Window Solutions Goes Carbon Neutral

OTTAWA AND AREA, June 24, 2020 — EverGreen Window Solutions, a professional-grade window cleaning service for homes in Ottawa and the surrounding area, is going “green-er” with a pledge to go carbon neutral through the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation.

EverGreen Window Solutions calculated the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions attributed to its fleet of business vehicles. That calculation translates into 179 trees to be planted across the Rideau Valley watershed, adding to Eastern Ontario’s forests and offsetting the company’s carbon footprint.

Trees grow by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and holding the carbon molecules in their trunk, stem and roots. Trees also purify water, modify local microclimates, protect against soil erosion, produce life-giving oxygen and create wildlife habitat — all at no extra cost. You could say that each tree is a little environmental cleaning station.

“We are always looking to do the best for our customers, community, and our environment,” said Cody Griffiths, owner and founder of EverGreen Window Solutions. “We already plant a tree for every customer. Going Carbon Neutral was a logical next step. Our customers can feel good knowing they have done their part in helping our local environment, while also receiving top quality professional window cleaning services for their homes.”   

EverGreen’s trees will be planted on marginal farmland within the Rideau Valley Watershed in spring 2021 and will be a mixture of robust native Canadian seedlings such as white cedar, white pine, white spruce and red oak.

“EverGreen’s efforts are a generous gift to the community since all of these trees will continue to provide valuable environmental benefits to the Ottawa area community for the next 80 years,” says Jason Kelly, Chair of the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation. “We are delighted to welcome them to the growing list of businesses, events and families who are choosing to go Carbon Neutral.”

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