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We all have daily family and business activities that produce carbon emissions, we all have distances to travel large and small, and we all live in a cold climate that needs substantial energy inputs.

That’s not to say we can’t reduce our own unnecessary energy practices over time. Having everyone reduce their carbon emissions at source is the best way to help control climate change. But it is difficult for most Canadians to substantially reduce or fully eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to their activities.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation gives you another option...we will calculate the amount of carbon produced and then plant native tree seedlings for your family vehicle, for your community event, for your small business fleet to offset some or all of the carbon which you unconsciously produce by living and working here in the Rideau Valley.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and capture it in their wood cells as part of their life cycle. We can plant enough trees to offset partially or totally the amount of carbon you are responsible for in your daily life.

You make carbon, trees remove it = carbon neutral.





Carbon Neutral Super Stars


Community Events and Conferences:

  • Canadian Public Relations Society Annual Conference, Ottawa/Gatineau 2013
  • Meeting Planners International (MPI), their own meetings and events, 2012, 2013
  • Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival, 2005
  • The Animals in this Country: A Canadian Literature Symposium, University of Ottawa, 2005
  • Willow Group Conference (2006, 2007)
  • Ontario Conservation Authorities’ Hockey Tournament, 2007
  • International Conference on the Rights of the Child, University of Ottawa, 2007
  • WATERCUBE: Le Making of; Photo exhibition, University of Toronto, 2008
  • Société québecoise de science politique Annual Conference, University of Ottawa, 2009
  • Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Annual Conference, 2009


Here's How it Works:

Families or individuals can figure out their own carbon output for the family home, the family car, the family period; they can then contact us and we will plant the appropriate number of trees for them to offset the amount of carbon they wish.

Local conference/meeting organizers can contact us to get an estimate of the number of trees needed to offset their event based on the number of paticipants and where they come from; people get a quick idea of the number of trees and RVCF takes care of the rest.

Small business wanting to go carbon neutral can call us for a professional, detailed estimate of their carbon emissions (based on bills for energy consumption and km of staff commuting) and the number of trees needed to offset; we will then plant the trees for the participant.

  • Costs — The total, all-inclusive cost to the participant for any carbon neutral project is $3 per tree planted on their behalf.
  • Benefits — Value to the participant

— good feeling of good citizenship
— communityleadership
— local solution
— low cost to offset your carbon footprint
— short paragraph, certificate and carbon neutral logo for your website & meeting publication
— prominent mention on the Conservation Foundation website

Value to the Conservation Foundation

— more trees planted in the Rideau watershed
— more awareness of conservation options
— more positive exposure in the community
— value-added feature to many other conservation projects

Value to the environment

— cleaner air
— cleaner water
— more wildlife habitat
— more greenspace and recreation

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For more information on the Rideau Valley Carbon Neutral Program, please call or write at 613-692-3571 ext 1124 or or download the Carbon Neutral in the Rideau Valley brochure.

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